What is SpaniardTM?

SpaniardTM is a unique, tailored training system built from the ground up by world-class Spanish coach and athlete, Jorge Blanco. While simultaneously completing a degree in Law, Jorge's lifetime passion for boxing and martial arts led him to become the Spanish National Kickboxing Champion and a member of the Spanish National & Olympic Boxing Team. His skills as a professional coach and sparring partner continue to be in high demand and he has worked intensely with many elite fighters such as UFC Welter weight champion George St Pierre GSP, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans, former Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort, Tyrone Spong a five-time World Kickboxing Champion.

So what is SpaniardTM? SpaniardTM is your opportunity to access the one-on-one training and hard-earned knowledge usually reserved for top professional athletes.

What they are saying

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Jorge for two years. In glad I have had that privilege. I use to think I was strong fast quick and powerful. Jorge quickly addressed many deficiencies that were keeping me from reaching my potential. With just a few training sessions I could already see a difference in my power and quickness. I've always tried to 'muscle' my way through workouts. Jorge taught me how to relax.

    David Booth,

    NHL PLAYER, Toronto Maple Leafs

  • I am very thankful I've been able to work with Jorge. He's been an incredible asset to help me reach my highest potential. His attention to detail and work ethic are very rare to find. One of the things that I loved about working with Jorge (beside his technical knowledge) is that he's very passionate about his work. He's always wiling to go the extra mile to get me where I need to be to perform at my best.

    Georges St-Pierre,

    3X Canadian athlete of the year,
    12X UFC Champion

  • Training with Jorge is beneficial to me as a hockey player because of three simple aspects: Relaxation, Speed, Agility. The combination of the three meet all of the needs to help me get better on the ice, and provides me with a unique workout that improves my footwork and reaction time. I plan on keep training with him for a long time.

    Daniel Winnik,

    NHL PLAYER, Pittsburg Penguins

  • Working with Jorge has given me the opportunity to try new and useful aspects of training. It has brought my conditioning to a new level, and I've enjoyed learning from his knowledge and experience. He makes things fun, he's a great communicator and most importantly he takes a lot of pride in detail and making sure I leave the gym with a great workout. Every summer, as I train for my hockey season I will for sure work with Jorge because he's a great guy, and he enjoys the opportunity in getting my fitness to a high level.

    Andrew Cogliano,

    NHL PLAYER, Anaheim Ducks

  • After 12 years in the sport and a few world titles I've worked with several coaches but Jorge is without a doubt a game changer, his different approaches to my game have helped me big time. I continue working with Jorge every time he is available and I totally recommend working with him.

    Jake Shields,

    UFC Heavyweight Contender

  • Jorge is an excellent instructor. His ability to teach a striker to fight long & with fluidity is rare. Creativity with power is what I picked up from him. Looking forward to getting more time with him!

    Matt Mittrione,

    UFC Heavyweight Contender

  • I have always enjoyed the benefits of strength and endurance training off ice. Working with Jorge Blanco for the past few years has added another dimension to my off-ice training. I find his workouts exciting, challenging and beneficial. It is easy to realize his vast experience and understanding of elite-level fighting sport.

    Mike Cammalleri,

    NHL PLAYER, New Jersey Devils

  • I have trained with Jorge as a coach, and he's on another level. I am talking about teaching you movement, teaching you angles and he has such an eye for detail but more importantly when he teaches these things he's teaching them to the point of why we should do A B and C. He breaks down why, so you really need to think about it. A lot of coaches coach so you don't really understand what you are doing and then one day you are like; "oooh! I should do it because of that", Jorge makes sure you sit down and you understand why he's telling you each technique that he's telling you to do. I really, really like that kind of coaching because that's right up my alley and as old dog you are never too old to learn new tricks and my man Jorge, has definitely taught me that.

    Rashad Evans,

    Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

  • I've worked with Jorge for almost 3 years and I've benefitted from his expertise in combining the mind, breath, and body as a whole. His awareness of the connection between all three made it easy for me to learn quickly and effectively, enhancing my overall training as a hockey player.

    Steve Montador,

    Former Professional NHL Player
    For the Chicago Blackhawks

  • Working with Jorge last summer was a really worthwhile experience. Every time I stepped foot in his gym, Jorge always put me through hard workouts. More importantly he showed me how to be efficient in my work. Learning to control my breathing and introducing me to the component of relaxation during highly intense workouts was something I hadn't touched on anywhere else and I found it really improved my overall performance. I am very lucky to have been introduced to Jorge at the beginning of my career so I can continue to work with him for many years to come.

    Thomas Wilson,

    NHL PLAYER, Washington Capitals

Our Programs

Our programs offers a highly customized, one-on-one experience that will help you aggressively pursue your goals and achieve and elite level of athleticism and skill.

These programs are designed to grow with you, providing the right amount of added challenge and development along the way, so you can achieve the premium results you're looking for.

Elite Coaching For Corporate Excellence

Think like a fighter to perform like a thinker:

The fundamental principle of effective fighting is self-control.

Self-control requires awareness and clarity of mind.

The effective fighter is not aggressive but decisive, knows when to push and when to yield. Our method, built on this timeless principle, trains you to strengthen your own mind-body connection, increasing your self-awareness, helping you to tap into your inner strengths and empowering you to master the self-control needed to succeed in any environment.

We offer professional, hands on, in-house and off-site coaching at our studio in downtown Toronto.

Safe, controlled and open to all fitness and experience levels, our exhilarating, dynamic, eye-opening workshops will energize your staff with a sense of power, fun and balance. More than just individually empowering, our programs will help strengthen the bonds between staff members, creating a stronger, more effective team.

Power Workshops

We do provide single-session options to energize and embolden your staff, whether it be a stand-alone workshop or part of a lunch-and-learn series or larger staff development event.

Beyond Power - Spandiard Complete Development Program

Our 3-5 session programs have been carefully crafted and curated to enable your staff to experience the complete transformative power of Spaniard's programs, providing them with the tools to achieve their personal best in and out of the office.

These one-on-one group sessions allow you to train like the best, with the best regardless of your current physical condition. You have never experienced the rush, fun and power that you will during these exclusive sessions.

Through learning and practicing strategies and techniques based on the martial arts principle of mind-body connection, you will immediately see increased productivity, confidence, cooperation and calm.

Our training:

  • Will take staff to new heights of self-awareness
  • Will help accelerate response-time while improving decision-making
  • Will relieve tension and stress
  • Will increase focus and concentration
  • Will spike individual and team confidence
  • Will increase mental and physical acuity

Now, for the first time, unparalleled professional training that has been reserved exclusively for world champions and elite competitors is available for you and your team.

By providing new approaches to breathing, self-awareness and relaxation gleaned from decades of elite-level martial arts training, our programs enhance both mental and physical strength.

Whether you're coordinating exclusive executive gatherings or are looking to uplift a large group of staff, our program will help both individuals and teams recognize stress, reconnect with breath, and focus on achieving success.

Find out more about how our corporate programs can help you. Please enter your email below and a representative will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

For Entertainment professionals

Role Development

If you need to live and breathe a specific role, we'll work with you in an intensive collaboration to help you transform, both body and mind.

On-set support

If you want to stay fresh and focused during long hours of on-set work, we can work around your daily shooting schedule to help keep your body and mind engaged.

For Athletes

Athlete bonus

Using a unique blend of fast, dynamic, multi-planar movements and overall relaxation, we can help you with sports-themed breathing techniques and reaction exercises that will let you stay clued in to your body in unfamiliar scenarios.

For Security Agencies

Security skills

We also offer targeted training in self-defense and protection for individuals or security firms. This package helps you develop the confidence and skills to react to various types of hostile threats safely and effectively.

Find out more about how our corporate programs can help you. Please enter your email below and a representative will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

SpaniardTM Media

SpaniardTM Methodology

Why is SpaniardTM different/better?

Spaniard uses a holistic approach to training that will help you develop a range of abilities in a way that's specific to you.

Performance Optimization

I'll teach you to increase your mental and physical steadiness through the use of focused drills and specialized breath-control techniques. Together, we'll find and develop a personal "reset" button for you, so you can push yourself further even when exhausted.

Action and Reaction Abilities

These skills determine responsiveness, especially in situations where you have to react as quickly as possible by reflex. A program focused of developing these skills will use drills that improve responsiveness by practising physical, mental and emotional self-awareness and controlled breathing and relaxation during different movements.

Mental and Physical Steadiness

Steadiness skills allow you to remain calm and to perform either while tired or when in a high-intensity situation. I help you develop these skills using controlled drills that let you progressively discover your physical, mental and emotional reactions while in a fatigued state, and then using this knowledge to learn to maintain your focus and movement control while in this state.

Dynamic Balance and Hand-Eye Coordination

Dynamic Balance improves your control over your body's position and weight distribution to minimize the chances of losing balance while reacting or moving fast. Hand-Eye Coordination is both a conscious and an unconscious process that must be integrated with postural requirements for maximum accuracy. Drills addressing the integration of these complex processes are the foundation of the Spaniard technique.

Fundamental Fighting Skills

Fighting skills can help you in personal protection, adding credibility to an acting role, or simply increasing self-confidence while getting into shape.

Improvement of Overall Health and Well-being

Whatever your goals, I will integrate specific drills based on fundamental athletic skills into your unique program to increase your overall health and well-being.