Turn Pressure Into Power

What is Spaniard?

Spaniard™ is a unique, tailored training system built from the ground up by world-class coach and athlete, Jorge Blanco. While simultaneously completing a degree in Law, Jorge’s lifetime passion for boxing and martial arts led him to become the Spanish National Kickboxing Champion and a member of the Spanish National & Olympic Boxing Team.

His skills as a professional coach and sparring partner continue to be in high demand and he has worked intensely with many elite fighters such as UFC Welter weight champion George St Pierre GSP, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans, former Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort, Tyrone Spong a five-time World Kickboxing Champion. So what is Spaniard™? Spaniard™ is your opportunity to access the one-on-one training and hard-earned knowledge usually reserved for top professional athletes.

Our Programs

Our programs offer a highly customized, one-on-one experience that will help you aggressively pursue your goals and achieve and elite level of athleticism and skill.

These programs are designed to grow with you, providing the right amount of added challenge and development along the way, so you can achieve the premium results you're looking for.

Designed to Grow With You

  • A target with an arrow in the bullseye. Develop a set of specific individualized goals
  • A lit lightbulb. Sharpen your skills
  • A dumbbell used for exercising. Advance your overall athleticism & fitness
  • A stopwatch. Bring your conditioning to a new level
  • A medal on a lanyard, with a star in the center. Find and reach your personal best
An image of Georges St. Pierre training with Jorge Blanco with the caption Feel Don't Think.
A pair of boxing gloves.

Think Like a Fighter to Perform Like a Thinker

The fundamental principle of effective fighting is self-control. Self-control requires awareness and clarity of mind.

Elite Coaching for Corporate Excellence

The effective fighter is not aggressive but decisive, knows when to push and when to yield. Our method, built on this timeless principle, trains you to strengthen your own mind-body connection, increasing your self-awareness, helping you to tap into your inner strengths and empowering you to master the self-control needed to succeed in any environment.

We offer professional, hands on, in-house and off-site coaching at our studio in downtown Toronto. Safe, controlled and open to all fitness and experience levels, our exhilarating, dynamic, eye-opening workshops will energize your staff with a sense of power, fun and balance. More than just individually empowering, our programs will help strengthen the bonds between staff members, creating a stronger, more effective team.

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Power Workshops

Spaniard Education and Events

We do provide single-session options to energize and embolden your staff, whether it be a stand-alone workshop or part of a lunch-and-learn series or larger staff development event.

Beyond Power

Spaniard Complete Development Program

Our 3-5 session programs have been carefully crafted and curated to enable your staff to experience the complete transformative power of Spaniard's programs, providing them with the tools to achieve their personal best in and out of the office.

These one-on-one group sessions allow you to train like the best, with the best regardless of your current physical condition. You have never experienced the rush, fun and power that you will during these exclusive sessions.

Through learning and practicing strategies and techniques based on the martial arts principle of mind-body connection, you will immediately see increased productivity, confidence, cooperation and calm.

Our Training

A light bulb.

Take staff to new heights of self-awareness

A beach chair and umbrella.

Relieve tension and stress

A team of individuals.

Spike individual and team confidence

A stopwatch.

Help accelerate response-time while improving decision-making

A puzzle piece.

Increase focus and concentration

Building blocks.

Increase mental and physical activity

Now, for the first time, unparalleled professional training that has been reserved exclusively for world champions and elite competitors is available for you and your team.

By providing new approaches to breathing, self-awareness and relaxation gleaned from decades of elite-level martial arts training, our programs enhance both mental and physical strength.

Whether you're coordinating exclusive executive gatherings or are looking to uplift a large group of staff, our program will help both individuals and teams recognize stress, reconnect with breath, and focus on achieving success.